A Little Something Extra:)

Oh for the love of eye lashes! I love nothing more than putting my makeup on, making my hair pretty, and putting on a fab outfit. My look is not complete though if my lashes aren’t on. I can go from sexy, to super sexy in less than 5 minutes, and I will show you how too. I love sharing beauty secrets, and this is one of my favorites. There has got to be at least 200 different lashes on the market. I have seen thick, thin, long, short, wispy, and spaced. There are much more than that I am sure. I have different lashes for different occasions. When I go out, I like them longer, and thicker. When I am in my normal routine, I like them shorter and more natural looking. I take them off every night, and reapply every morning. The older the lashes are, the better they look. Here are some examples of my favorite lashes! The very last pair are bottom lashes:)







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