A New You!

Ok ladies it is time to speak the truth. Have you ever looked at another woman, and wished that you had her body, her face, her butt?? Well, I have. I will be the first to admit that other women inspire me. This is ok, and very natural. What is not ok is to be unhappy with your physical body, and not do something about it. It is also not ok to look at another beautiful woman who works hard for the body she has, and feel negativity towards her, or yourself. It is time to stop blaming genetics, your big bones, your children, or any other number of reasons for not having the body that you want. If you are happy being the size that you are then that is great! This means you have confidence, and don’t care what society may think. If you want to shed some pounds, then you have to make some lifelong critical changes. Bad habits are hard to break, and good habits are hard to make. We all know this. Your mind is more powerful than you think. Your brain will send impulses out saying that you are hungry, and you are more than likely going to listen. Here is where your powerful mind comes to play. What are you going to pick up to eat? We all know what we love, and crave. Believe it or not, certain foods have chemicals in them so that we crave them, and continue to buy them. You must make a choice to make a healthy decision if you want to shed some of that fat your body is holding onto. Be consistent with the healthy choices you make. My idea of a healthy meal? Steamed asparagus with minced garlic, and cooked salmon with a light honey glaze. In the beginning, you will feel unsatisfied as your body is used to carbohydrates, sugar, and the bad fat that comes in just about everything. I promise you slowly your body will get used to this kind of eating, your stomach will start shrinking because of the smaller portions, weight will start coming off, and you will thank me later. Progress will give you the motivation to keep pushing forward. I would like to encourage you to take a picture of yourself in the nude. When you want to pick up that cheeseburger from Wendy’s, look at your picture and let it open your eyes! The next part I want to discuss with you all is working out. I know a lot of you do not want to hear this at all! It is one thing to lose the weight, and look good in clothes, but it is another to lose the weight, and look good in a bikini. Here is what is going to happen. Lets say you shed 30 lbs. This is commendable. Job well done. Now, you are back into that size 6, and you look great in your clothes. Its now time for that cruise, its the middle of June and everyone will be in their suits. Ladies, our skin does not always do what we want. Let me tell you a little bit about gravity. Its a pain, and it pulls everything down. This will happen especially after achieving weight loss. If you do not have the proper muscle definition to support your skin, it will wiggle, and jiggle when you walk. This happens even at a size 6. If you don’t like going to the gym, then stay active in ways that you are working out, but doesn’t feel as if you are working out. Hiking, learning how to box, or bike rides. I always find it helpful having a workout buddy. We help, and motivate one another to keep up our good habits. I almost forgot something. Please, no eating out of stress, or boredom. This will put weight on you every time. No eating late (for me past 7), and please keep your snacking to a minimum. There are so many healthy snacks out there. The snack of my choice is fruit. I stay away from fruits high in sugar such as pineapples, or oranges, but I do have them on occasion. If you must, there are a lot of low calorie snacks on the market. Look forward to Saturday, and Sunday to eat some of those foods you enjoy. You must commit to a change in your life style. Once the weight is off, the challenge gets harder; keeping it off. Don’t fall back into old, bad habits. Stay focused on loving the new you, how good you feel, and how you can help inspire another woman who needs it. Just know in doing this, you are sending a positive message to the women in your life, to get the most out of theirs. Ladies, there is no better feeling, than doing something good for yourself. I have been there. I have lost a total of 30 lbs, and have kept it off. It is not an easy task, but my will to stay healthy, and keep my physique overcomes the taste of any of my favorite foods. Putting those bad foods into my body is only a temporary pleasure. Being healthy, and having a great physical body is a permanent one.



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