Benefits Of Being A girl! Just A Bit Of Fun:)

1.) Playing dress up

2.) Having an excuse to be a bitch once a month(Sorry for the language but I had to lol;)

3.) Having super powers

4.) Being stronger than men

5.) Being soft, and feminine, yet powerful, and in control

6.) Having the ability to do more than one thing at the same time

7.) Taking care of others (nurturing)

8.) Making men better beings

9.) Car doors opened for you (bc you are a Goddess)

10:) Giving life-Strong enough to bear children, then get back to business (Beyonce song Girls)

11.) Wearing heels (although men sometimes do it too;)

12.) Being able to wear men’s clothing and do it better!

13.) Being placed on a pedestal

14.) Having short hair on Tuesday, and by Friday having it long again

This is a photo of myself, and one of my favorite gal pals (diva in the making) my little niece Malia!

DSC00846 DSC00845





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