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Seems like I haven’t done a post in forever! I could give excuses, but honestly I don’t have a legitimate one. Procrastination is something that I am working very diligently on:) Its finally starting to cool down a bit in Florida. At night its getting into the 60’s, and late 70’s for the high. I could still wear this outfit ... Read More »

Fall Frolicking:)

  Here are some more photos I was able to capture while in New England. It was about 60 degrees outside which made for perfect sweater weather. Sweater (Papers and Peonies and are currently sold out) Pants and Booties (Cotton On) Here is a link to Papers and Peonies Although they are sold out of this sweater, they still have ... Read More »

Sexy Thang:)

You know I always say let your style reflect your mood. I just finished up a 7 day cleanse, and I was feeling sexier than ever! These tights would make anything look sexy. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, or just as I did with shorts. If you cant tell, I had tons of fun shooting these pics! Shirt(Clothes ... Read More »

A Taste Of Fall:)

I had the great pleasure of going to New England this past week. I was very thankful to experience a taste of fall weather. Here in Florida, its still reaching the 80’s. The first stop was Boston, New Hampshire, and lastly Maine. The drive was so amazing. Being a mid western girl, I forgot how much I’ve missed the turning ... Read More »

Bohemian Bliss:)

I just love the bohemian, or as some may say, boho chick look! A lot of celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Kourtney Kardashian, and Nicole Richie all embrace this look very well. I too like to pull it off from time to time. I got this shirt from the look book store found here I love anything off the shoulder, ... Read More »

A Sexy Night Out:)

Getting dressed up and sexy can be exhilarating! There is nothing better than feeling, and looking sexy! My husband and I have date night every Friday night, and I use that time to be sexy. Here is what I wore to dinner for a sexy night out:) Dress (ASOS) Shoes (Shoe Fab) Belt and Jewelry (FE21) Read More »

I Love My Buns:)

The bun has become increasingly popular over the last year or so. You can wear them in an evening gown, a day dress, or jean shorts. The look is so versatile, and I’m all about versatility. The bun has always been around, but I personally hadn’t had any interest until I saw Kim Kardashian sporting them all the time. After ... Read More »

Make A Statement:)

Sometimes I wonder why style, and fashion are so important to me. I came to the conclusion that its my significance. Its how I express myself, when I cannot find the words to do so. When I get dressed, I like to stand out, and make a statement. Whether I’m dressing down, or up, its my very own expression. Blazer, ... Read More »

An Ordinary Day:)

Hey guys! So this outfit that I put together is typically how I dress on an ordinary day. I may substitute the heels for flats, or even sneakers. Wearing light makeup, and hair pulled back makes this outfit rather casual yet chic. The pants I have on are actually faux leather leggings. Speaking of leather, I have a feeling that ... Read More »

Attention Please:)

It is my thought that this dress is definitely a statement piece. Its short, tight, and bright pink! I felt so alive, sexy, and daring in it. You can see me coming from a mile away:) I kept my shoes basic black as I felt the darker color would work best with a piece so bright. As for my jewelry, ... Read More »