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A nice touch:)

When I put this outfit together, trying to find shoes to match was kind of tricky. The color combination of the shorts, and shirt is very unique. Once I decided on the shoes, I felt like the outfit flowed nicely. These shoes added a nice touch, and tied in well. Shirt (ASOS) Shorts (FE21) Belt (BCBG Shoes (Valentino) Read More »

Pure Bliss:)

You know that moment when that third outfit you put on, you can finally live with? To me that is pure bliss! Don’t you just hate when that outfit you had all picked out, just isn’t as cute on as you thought it would be? Next thing you know, you are rummaging through your closets, and throwing clothes all over ... Read More »

European Swag:)

Going to Europe is lots of fun. I truly enjoyed sitting at street corners in Paris watching the people walk by.  You are surrounded by centuries of history, and beautiful ornate architecture. This provided  beautiful scenery and backdrops for me to take some amazing fashion photos.  There is such a difference in the mood, and vibe than here in the ... Read More »

For The Love Of Fashion:)

I just get so much satisfaction by my fashion expressions. Some outfits take creativity, and thought, while others are effortless! I believe the outfits that take the least thought turn out to be the best. Shoes and Shorts (Agaci) Shirt and Belt (FE21) Read More »

A Simple T-Shirt

I love wearing this t-shirt look. Doesn’t have to be a graphic T. It could be plain white, black, or grey. You can add a cool necklace, or do what I did here, and leave it as it is. Take a look:) Read More »

Style Matters:)

  I just love how you can tell someone’s personality, or mood by their clothing. I love expressing myself through clothing. It takes style, imagination, and creativity to piece it all together. It’s a matter of expression, and I find it exhilarating! What does this outfit say to you? Pants (BCBG) Shoes (Aldo) Shirt (FE21) Purse, and Necklace  (Local Boutique) ... Read More »

If You Got It…….:)

Lets face it, sometimes we like to show our tidbits a little. Key word there (little). A little leg, belly, or boob has never hurt anyone. The crop tops are a very popular trend right now. I especially like to wear it with a high waste skirts, pants, or shorts only revealing a little tummy. On my skinny days, when ... Read More »

Get Sexy!

I took a 10.00 H&M dress, and paired it with some killer heels. These B by Brian Atwood heels are not only sexy, but they are comfortable. I was so happy I found them in a color shoe that I do not have. Dress (H&M) bracelet (Jewel Be Mine) necklace, and earring (FE21) shoes (Nieman Marcus)   Read More »

Nubian Princess:)

This outfit is fun, bright, and…! The tank top dresses are really trending right now. They are so versatile, and easy. Flats and a jean jacket to dress them down, heels, and funky jewelry to dress them up! Dress (H&M) shoes (boutique in Miami) Jewelry (FE21) Read More »