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Well, my juice cleanse is over. I am very happy to report that I got through it without so much as a drop of solid food. Going into this cleanse, I must admit I was very intimidated. Not having the pleasure of eating, and suffering through my emotional attachment to sugar was going to be challenging. When you are cleansing, ... Read More »

A Little Something Extra:)

Oh for the love of eye lashes! I love nothing more than putting my makeup on, making my hair pretty, and putting on a fab outfit. My look is not complete though if my lashes aren’t on. I can go from sexy, to super sexy in less than 5 minutes, and I will show you how too. I love sharing beauty secrets, and ... Read More »

Benefits Of Being A girl! Just A Bit Of Fun:)

1.) Playing dress up 2.) Having an excuse to be a bitch once a month(Sorry for the language but I had to lol;) 3.) Having super powers 4.) Being stronger than men 5.) Being soft, and feminine, yet powerful, and in control 6.) Having the ability to do more than one thing at the same time 7.) Taking care of ... Read More »

My View On Friendship:)

  I want to talk about friendship. The word “friend”, is used very loosely these days. What is the definition of a friend? Some would say someone that they grew up with, or someone they’ve known for many years. Time does not define a friend.  I take friendship very seriously.   I like to describe it as a sisterhood amongst ... Read More »

Do You Know How Valentine’s Day Started?

Valentine’s Day Does anyone know the meaning behind the celebratory day of love? There is actually an interesting legend behind Saint Valentine’s Day, or Feast of Saint Valentine, or just simply as you all may know it Valentine’s Day! This day started as a religious celebration of an early Christian saint named Valentinus. During the Roman Empire when Christianity was ... Read More »

A New You!

Ok ladies it is time to speak the truth. Have you ever looked at another woman, and wished that you had her body, her face, her butt?? Well, I have. I will be the first to admit that other women inspire me. This is ok, and very natural. What is not ok is to be unhappy with your physical body, ... Read More »