Do You Know How Valentine’s Day Started?

Valentine’s Day

Does anyone know the meaning behind the celebratory day of love? There is actually an interesting legend behind Saint Valentine’s Day, or Feast of Saint Valentine, or just simply as you all may know it Valentine’s Day! This day started as a religious celebration of an early Christian saint named Valentinus. During the Roman Empire when Christianity was forbidden, Valentinus was imprisoned for ministering and performing weddings, to soldiers who were not allowed to marry. Legend has it while he was imprisoned, he healed the daughter of another inmate who was ill. Before he was put to death, he wrote to her “from your Valentine” as a farewell.

By the 15th century, Valentine’s day had evolved into a special occasion where lovers would present one another with gifts, and cards known as valentines. My husband and I feel everyday should be filled with love, but I feel Valentine’s day is a fun day to go all out, and celebrate the love you have for one another. Please remember that love is never ending.  If you’re not excited about Valentine’s day this year because you’re not in a relationship, know your day will come. Valentine’s day is also a great day to show love towards your children, parents, siblings and friends. Remember….the best way to receive love is to give love… Look forward to the possibilities! Lots of love to you all.





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