Fall Look Must Have:)


Well,  we all know, as the seasons change, so does new looks, and fashion. A great trending look for the fall is a deep, dark lip color. The deep color can be achieved by wearing lipstick, lip liner, or both. One of my favorite lip liners is Nightmoth by MAC. It can be found here…..


The lip liner will give you a deep, dark, matte finish! I personally love a matte finish. It can tend to be a little dry for others taste. If that is the case, then try adding Cyber by MAC on top of the lip liner. It offers a satin finish, and with the liner underneath it, your lip color will stay on longer. You can find it here…..


This dark look is good for any skin tone, and can be worn with just about anything. It may take you some getting use to at first, especially if you are really into lighter colors. I can assure you that once you wear this, you will love it! -Tiffy-





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