For The Love Of Leather:)

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Well, I hope everyone enjoyed there Thanksgiving. I did, and let me tell you, I ate just about 5 lbs of food! I eat extremely healthy during the week, but when I’m on vacation, and during holidays I let go. I have no regrets doing so either lol. This picture was taken in New England a couple of months ago. I have about 4 pair of black leather pants, so I wanted a different color. Leather pants are really popular this year, and if my memory serves me correctly last year as well. I remember for a period of time, they went out of style. It will be interesting to see how long they are around for this time, before we all lose interest in wearing them. I was planning on wearing the scarf, but decided on using it as a belt instead. The colors in the scarf tied it all together. You dolls enjoy your week. I’m off for some Christmas shopping:)

Sweater (PacSun) Shirt (Nordstrom) Pants ( (Scarf FE21) Boots (unknown)



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