Well, the holidays are officially over. Although I get a lot of joy from the holidays Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years, I am happy its over. I anticipate a successful happy year. I feel like my style, and fashion sense is growing, and evolving. I find myself being more creative, and daring! As I expressed in my last post, I really wanted to do something this week to help someone. I felt privileged to have a heart felt, hour long talk with my cousin. I wanted to empower him, and make him feel important as he is going through hard times. After that phone call, I think he helped me more than I helped him. Giving back, or helping others is not always about materialistic things. Sometimes words, or being a good listener is much more important. I like to think of myself as a warrior! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week:) XOXO Tiff

(Here)  Maroon Matte Leggings (Here) Camo Jacket (Similar Here) Love Tank (Similar Here) Platform Boot (Similar here) Suede Black Clutch Jewelry FE21

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